• ‘Summer of Beijing’ held in Tuanjiehu

    “Summer of Beijing”, a Chinese and foreigner get-together was held in Tuanjiehu community, Beijing’s Chaoyang district on August 10, 2018, , which was co-hosted by the Foreign Languages Association of Tuanjiehu (FLAT) and the Associated Colleges in China(ACC).

  • Flea market turns into urban library

    Jointly built by Shijingshan district’s cultural commission and Langyuan Park, Liangyue Library was officially put into use on July 30, 2018. This modern and fashionable public welfare library...


  • Food materials and ingredients

    Chinese cuisine is attracting more and more foreigners now. To help you explain the food materials and ingredients to foreigners,today let’s learn some words about food.

  • 拿菜单来,点菜!食材的英文说法

    各位资深吃货,假如有一天你正跟朋友大快朵颐,突然一位外国友人问:这是什么做的? 答不上来可就尴尬了,为了避免这种局面的出现,今天我们来了解一下《公共服务领域英文译写规范》国家标准中有关食材和烹饪方法名称的一些译法示例。

  • Words for gourmets

    Recently, a document about China’s street skewers goes viral on the Internet. Today let’s learn some words about food and drinks.

  • 美食家们 英语餐饮词汇了解一下


  • 乐成彩票British Museum opens Tmall store

    British Museum opened its flagship store at Tmall on July 1. The store sells tapes, handbags, mobile phone shells and other items with various themes.

  • 大英博物馆天猫开店


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